Black Forest Pumpkin Soup

The leaves are turning from green to shades of red and yellow, whilst the temperatures begin to cool down. The mornings are getting darker and in just a month, the clocks will turn back. Although it’s sad to wave goodbye to the warmth and long evenings of Summer, Autumn brings lovely things such as thick sweaters, log fires and of course, delicious meals. This recipe originates from the black forest using many ingredients specific to the area.


The Black Forest (source here)

Here is the recipe!


  • 1 kg Pumpkin
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 leak
  • 2 tbsp. of clarified butter.
  • 1L of vegetable broth ( this can either be bought or homemade. Here is a recipe for homemade vegetable broth: )
  • blackforest-pumpkin-soup100 ml double cream
  • Parsley
  • Peppercorns
  • Caraway seeds
  • Coriander
  • A twig of thyme

Instructions to make:

  1. Peel two potatoes and cut them into small chunks.
  2. Remove all the seeds from the pumpkin using a spoon and then cut the flesh into small chunks.
  3. Dice the leek as well.
  4. Heat the clarified butter, and then add the pumpkin, potatoes and leeks, at low temperature over the stove. N.B If you do not have a hand held blender you can instead blend all these ingredients together in a normal blender before you heat them.
  5. Grind the caraway seeds, peppercorns and coriander using a mortar.
  6. Add this mixture as well as the thyme twig to the pan and let it simmer with a lid on the pan for 20 minutes.
  7. Now, add the vegetable broth and bring it to boil.
  8. Then take the lid off and let it sit at a very low temperature for 20 mins. Also take out the thyme twig.
  9. Now, if you have a hand-held blender (also known as a stick mixer) puree the soup.
  10. Spice the soup using salt and pepper.
  11. Before serving, add double cream and caraway seeds and then sprinkle some chopped parsley over the top for decoration.
  12. Eat and enjoy!

I hope this inspires you to make the most of these seasonal vegetables and enjoy some delicious warm soup!

By Sophia (MYP4)


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Measures Get Serious in Catalonia



After hearing that local politicians in Catalonia are planning to hold an independence referendum on October 1st, the Spanish government is sending thousands of extra police officers to the region to block the vote. The constitutional court of Spain has ruled the referendum unconstitutional, but Catalan leaders are determined to hold it anyway. A Spanish colonel named Diego Pérez de los Cobos has been put in charge of both central and regional police forces. In addition, the Spanish government has arrested many politicians and imposed fines on top officials.

The prime minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy (pictured on the right), has appeared on national television to urge Catalans who want independence to give up hope for a referendum, and has asked Catalan politicians to admit that a referendum will not


Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy 

take place. Mr Rajoy then said that there was “still time to avoid greater evils”, urging Catalan leaders to follow the government’s laws.

Catalonia has always had its own distinct history and culture. Its history dates back almost 1,000 years, and today it is one of the richest and most productive regions in Spain, with a population of 7.5 million people. Before the Spanish Civil War it was given broad autonomy status (meaning that autonomous regions have more political and economic freedom away from the central government) but that freedom was taken away when General Francisco Franco became dictator in 1939 and ruled until 1979.

After Franco died, Catalan nationalism and cultural pride returned, and Catalonia finally became an autonomous region again in 2006. In 2010, Spain’s constitutional court dismissed the idea of Catalonia having greater autonomy, which angered many Catalan politicians. When Catalan separatists won Catalonia’s last legal election in 2015, they decided to organize a referendum based on a vote from November 2014, in which 80% of those who voted wanted independence. The next referendum will take place on October 1st in Barcelona. If the majority of voters vote to secede from Spain, no matter the turnout, independence will be declared by parliament within two days of the regional electoral commission proclaiming the results.


Giant banners in Barcelona showing a ballot box and the Catalan flag

The Spanish government has said that it will not acknowledge the results and that no region can secede because the country is indivisible. Let’s hope that the two parties can work together to form some type of agreement.

By Roma (MYP5)



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Snap Election in Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called a snap election in Japan a year earlier than usual after receiving low approval ratings, around 30%, in the summer. While his approval ratings increased again to 50% in September amid tensions with North Korea, Abe still faces criticism due to scandalous allegations and unpopular ideas.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (source here)

The prime minister is trying to regain public support and present his new ideas on education, social spending, and formal recognition of the military in the constitution, the latter of which was abolished after World War II.

Abe’s main opposition will be from Tokyo’s current governor, Yuriko Koike, who announced on Monday that she would form her own national party. If Abe does manage to win the vote again, he could potentially become the longest serving political leader in post-World War II Japan.

By Rupa (MYP5)

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New Binges!

So, are you ready for some new binges? I am for sure. If you aren’t a GOT fan, add some new shows and seasons to watchlist.

If action and adventure is your preferred genre of tv shows, then check out these new series and new seasons of action-packed episode:

  • The Defenders- Netflix( New Series) Four heroes  work together to save New York.
  • Arrow- CW(6th Season) A vigilante continues to protect his city, from those who are destroying it.
  • Flash- CW( 4th Season)- A hero returns from his prison in order to protect those he loves.
  • Supergirl-CW( 3rd Season)- After a terrible loss, the hero needs to decide who she really is.
  • Legends of Tomorrow- CW( 3rd Season)- A group of heroes who time travel to set the timeline correct.
  • Black Lightning- CW( New Series)- A vigilante comes out of retirement, to save his family.

If real-life inspired tv shows are your preference then here are some of the options:

  • Riverdale-CW( 2nd Season)- A group of teenagers who have to deal with strange, in their town
  • Famous in Love- Freeform( 2nd Season)- Can Paige balance her ordinary life with fame life?
  • Orange is the New Black-Netflix( 6th Season)- What is the fate for the inmates, who were hiding from the CERT?

If your preferred tv shows are dark, mysterious, and have twists, then these are your tv shows.

  • Stranger Things- Netflix( 2nd Season)- As everybody tries to have a normal life again,they are thrown back into the madness.
  • Walking Dead- Fox( 8th Season)- Will they survive the apocalypse, or will more fall?
  • Once Upon A Time- ABC(7th Season)- It is set many years after the last events where Henry’s child comes to find him
  • How to get Away with Murder-ABC( 4th Season)- Will they manage to move on after Wes’s death?

If you feel like laughing then these tv series, are going to crack you up.

  • Blackish- ABC( 4th Season)-How can he and his family fit in with everybody else, when they are different?
  • Young Sheldon-CBS( New Season)- Young Sheldon has made it into high school, and he must deal with being so much younger than everyone else
  • The Goldbergs-ABC (5th Season)- Adam documents himself and his family’s lives with a camera
  • Modern Family-ABC(9th Season)- The life of one weird and happy family
  • Big Bang Theory-CBS(11th Season)- Will she say yes to Sheldon?

Here are some of the new seasons and series, that are coming out this fall. These ones need to be checked out as well.

If these option, are not good enough then check out this website:

By Uma (MYP 3)


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The Rohingya Crisis

They live without a home, unwanted in any country they seek asylum from; abandoned by every government.


The Rohingya Muslims are considered one of the most oppressed people in the world. The majority of the Rohingya live in Buddhist Myanmar, also known as Burma. Many live in Rakhine in destitute camps, or spend their lives running away from violence.

A fierce clash between the security forces of Myanmar and the Rohingya that broke out in this southeast Asian nation, has left countless dead, entire communities burned to the ground, and has forced the Rohingyas to flee, afraid for their lives.

For many years, the Rohingya have been simultaneously granted, then refused citizenship in Myanmar. Because of this, there have been regular clashes between the Rohingya and the country’s security forces, as well as other ethnic groups in Rakhine, which are predominantly Buddhist. Rohingya extremist groups are often involved in the clashes.

Since the 25th of August 2016, hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas have had to flee from the intensified military forces of the Myanmar security, across the border to Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi government  too has refused to see them as Bangladeshis; even though there have been thousands of Rohingya living in Bangladesh for centuries. This action has sent many back to Myanmar, where they again, are unwanted.

To combat this crisis, the UN (United Nations) Rights group has had to get involved in this issue, and accuse the Myanmar government of “ethnic cleansing through its repressive policies”.

Other countries in Asia have been just as hostile to this minority. In 2015, many Rohingya people were stranded at sea in Southeast Asia, as surrounding countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia refused to take them in.

Indonesians, however, have shown an affinity towards the Rohingya, by participating and carrying out regular protests in support of them, as Indonesia is the biggest Muslim-majority nation in the world.

This crisis regarding the lives of thousands, will continue unless a country can welcome them in, and finally give them a proper home.

By Roisin (DP1)


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Stress Management

In modern-day society, anyone can be prone to highly stressful situations, and therefore have to deal with high-levels of stress and pressure at any given point in time. As students, we can relate greatly to these pressures: social, academic and daily-life situations. In order to handle these pressures, we should be aware of potential ways to cope with them.


Stress and Pressure (source here)

Here are 5 strategies proven to significantly decrease stress levels, and increase  efficiency with school work:

1.   Time management

Time management is one of the most effective stress-relieving strategies for you (students). You should try to design and stick to a timetable with time set aside for a relaxing break between work and study.

2.   Exercise 

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is always important, no matter the number of assignments that must be completed, or the amount of studying that needs to be done. Always take out time to get some fresh air, and to exercise. Statistics prove that stress is often lower in people who exercise frequently.

3.  Organize academic life

Limit procrastination, attempt to keep track of deadlines, take organized, beneficial class notes, and avoid starting projects the night before they are due.

4.  Spend time with friends

Stress levels rise if a person feels lonely. By confiding in people you love and trust, the workload doesn’t feel as overbearing and heavy. Friends and family can provide a shoulder to cry on and to help motivate.

5. Do something you love

If your stress is causing panic, take a step back, and do something you enjoy. For example, take a nice walk, listen to some music, read a book, or take a relaxing bath. Treat yourself, and then when you’re done, you’ll feel more able and ready to sit down and work.

By Manini and Charlotta (MYP 5)

Mexico City Shook Again!

Mexico city faced another earthquake, for the second time in only a few weeks!

The citizens panicked as buildings crumbled down and as the ground shook.


A broken-down house (after-effects of the earthquake) with people trying to clean the debris (CNN). 

This was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed around 217 people. Some people  are still missing. It hit at 1:15 PM and lasted about twenty seconds. The depth of this earthquake was around 53 km (33 miles).


A map of Mexico, showing the magnitude and time of major earthquakes Mexico has experienced (Daily News).

The irony was, that this earthquake happened the very same day as the terrible 8.O magnitude earthquake that happened in 1985, 32 years ago.

Just a couple of hours before the 7.1 earthquake hit, the citizens had performed earthquake procedures. However, that sadly didn’t stop people from dying or getting seriously injured.

“The quake left the busiest city in Mexico in chaos. Windows buckled and shattered, falling several stories to the ground while thousands of people streamed into the streets running away from buildings and potential gas leaks.” said CNN.


A map of Mexico showing the stretch of earthquake 7.1 and where its center is. (CNN)

On September 8th, an 8.0 earthquake hit Mexico City, killed about 58 people and left hundreds injured.

Mexico seemed to be very unlucky this month.

By Johanna (MYP 3)


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