Get Outdoors This Spring!

Spring is a great season. It brings with it, a pleasant climate and the opportunity to get outdoors!

Already, the chilly winter winds are fading and the snow has almost all melted. Spring is right on the doorstep with flowers, baby animals and most of all sunshine. Switzerland has beautiful landscapes and spring is one of the best times to view them. So, whether it be cycling, swimming, horse riding or any other sport, head outdoors and make the most of the good weather.

Cycling in Basel is very easy due to the many bike routes and lanes. Taking a bike is a really active way to get around town and is also much greener for the environment. If you prefer a country landscape to a city one, there are many lovely bike routes around the countryside.

In addition, there is mountain biking which adds an extra level of excitement.

Here are some good websites for tours and rental places if you don’t own a bike:


Cycling in Switzerland (source here)

Swimming is a very popular sport in Basel as there are many public swimming pools and off course the Rhine. Most of the public swimming pools open in early May and close in September.

Here are a couple of good ones to visit:

  • Naturbad Riehen – This pool is cleaned by plants rather than chemicals and  is created to replicate a lake. It has a pool and a slide as well as a kiosk for food.
  • St. Jakob – With many different swimming pools, some include a diving pool with a 10m diving board. It does have the tendency to get busy especially in Summer.
  • Aesch pool – This pool has many grassy areas and a couple of pools and a spring board. It is located near the Aesch campus or Arlesheim stop on the 11 tram.

There are many other outdoor and indoor pools to visit and often the smaller ones are less busy, so make sure to head down to them for a refreshing swim.

Although often too cold during Spring, Rhein swimming will also be another possibility to cool down in the heat of the day. Just remember to take your dry bag and stay safe in the water!


Naturbad Riehen (source here)

Horse riding is a really good way to see the countryside and try something a bit different. Whether you’re a frequent rider or you’ve never ridden before, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting on the back of a horse and enjoying the fantastic scenery.

Being around animals have other benefits as well such as increasing self confidence and reducing stress. So, I would encourage you to try something new like a short ride in the woods or lessons in an arena this spring.

Here are some useful websites for riding in Switzerland, enjoy!


Horses (source here)


Riding in the Black Forest (source here)

This article has only scraped the surface in terms of outdoor activities to do here in Switzerland or even just Basel. There are many other fun water related activities to try such as rowing, sailing or water skiing on some of the mountain lakes. There are also many parks around the town where you can play ping -pong, play football or throw a frisbee. I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration to get outdoors and make the most of the spring.

Have a wonderfully active spring!

By Sophia (MYP3)


Asia-Pacific’s Most Popular Destinations


Untitled 2

Credit card company MasterCard announced the most popular destinations for the Asia-Pacific region in 2017, Bangkok topped the list, followed by Singapore and Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

The ranking, published on the 26th of April, surveyed 171 destinations in 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with the number of international tourists entering and staying at least one night last year.

The survey showed that Bangkok was the Asia-Pacific region’s most popular tourist destination. There were 19.3 million international tourists who entered and stayed at least one night in the country last year. The second popular tourist destination was Singapore; it had about 13.1 million international tourists. Tokyo ranked third, and 12.6 million tourists had entered and stayed at least one night in Japan last year.

Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand also got into the top 10, respectively, with 9.1 million and 8.1 million tourists.

In the top 20 popular tourist destinations, China and Japan had 4 destinations on the list, and Thailand had 3 destinations, and India had two destinations.

In addition, China remained the largest source of tourists in 2016, with other tourists from South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Untitled 3.jpeg

By En (MYP3)

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Poem: The Tree in the Playground

The tree scrapes the sky.

In the corner of the playground,

a childhood initiation- to climb

until we could touch the sky too.


It took me longer than the others

unsure of the first step, the right

spot to anchor my foot and to push up

but I managed in the end.


Dirt-covered hands, toe of my shoe

wedged in the fork, my hair in my face.

It’s harder than it looks from below.

a tear in my jeans catches, an intake

of breath.


I stand above the leaves.


At the highest point I see the whole

village. The whole world it seems.

There’s a twig in my hair, dark bark

on my skin and my jeans

from the climb.


They call me from below- a cheer,

a question of return. I reach to

touch the sky-


I can’t quite do it.


The climb down is harder-

footholds searched for and hands

clinging to the surety of the trunk,

biting into the bark until I can’t feel

my fingertips anymore.


The leap to the ground is jarring,

concrete, no longer abstract

the tree towers above me again.


The next girl reaches for the first

branch and hauls herself up. She is

surer than I: knows where to pull,

how to reach for the cloudless blue.


There’s a swing- a tireless tire

there as long as I could remember. I sit.


I long for the sky.


By Shona (DP2)

Random Acts of Kindness

Do you smile at people you see on the street (not only the ones that you have met before)?


Spread kindness (source here)

Do you hold the door open for other students when you are entering the school? Did you compliment anyone this week? Do you ever go out of your comfort zone to help someone or make someone happier? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be practising random acts of kindness on a daily basis without even knowing. Can you take a second to appreciate that? You are awesome!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a ‘non-profit foundation that believes in spreading kindness throughout schools, communities and homes’.

If you believe in the power of small actions, maybe you could become a ‘RAKtivist’. RAKtivists are, as the name already suggests, random act of kindness activists. They are like kindness ambassadors.

You can create your RAKtivist profile, meet other kindness ambassadors and share ideas of acts of kindness if you go here:

The RAK foundation has been holding this random acts of kindness week since 1995 and it is a great opportunity to give a boost of kindness to the world and show that friendliness is contagious. The RAKweek2017 will take place from February 12 to February 18 and although kindness is certainly something to be practiced year-round, it is an excuse to celebrate kindness and encourage others to become RAKtivists.

You can also sign up for the exciting #RAKweek2017 here: .

Practising random acts of kindness doesn’t count as CAS or C&S, but you will feel good by making the world a better place.

Thank you for reading this article until the end and taking a moment to contemplate the importance of kindness – this was very kind of you!

By Daniela (DP1)


This spring brings up an exciting and fairly new event to the ISB!

Based on the idea of last year’s Generation Happy event run by Elèonore Stolz and Ann-Mia Ambjerg, an enthusiastic crew of eight students hope to bring to you another charity dance event!

This year, the money raised will be going towards Anno’s Africa, a foundation that supports education for the arts in Kenya, specifically dance studios in the slums of Nairobi. They are currently working towards better mirrors, better studio floors, and ballet barres to promote the arts in children with less opportunities than we have.

This organization was founded in memory of a boy named Anno who died in a car crash in the UK. He was a talented artist and musician, and his parents hoped to give less privileged children the artistic opportunities they had been able to give their own son.

A group of students in the ISB were touched by this story and hope to provide a showcase of Basel’s dancers for two purposes – to increase an appreciation of dance and the arts in the ISB and Basel as a whole, and to help support Anno’s Africa.

The organization team has put together and taped up many colorful posters for the event they have titled “Dance Mode On”. With its paint splatters and silhouette of a dancer, the poster provides all information needed for attending the event itself or how to register as a performer for the evening!


Dance Mode On!

Dancers must email by the 10th of February to give the team an idea of how many acts they should plan for.

Tickets will be sold the entire week and a half before the show. They greatly welcome your involvement or attendance!

The event will take place on the 30th of March in the Reinach Aula.

Be prepared for a wide array of talented dancers with an impressive variety of backgrounds, training, and styles. From professionals to dancers trained solely by their own intuition, jazz to contemporary to hip hop, and dancers from as young as nine years old to adults performing, this show has it all!

Hope to see you there!

By Angel (DPI)

Gone with the Wind!

The phrase ‘gone with the wind’ meaning gone forever or literally taken away by the wind, is used to intensify gone. Gone will be your heart, your lungs and most importantly, you, if you smoke.


Disclaimer on cigarette pack (source here)

If you notice, cigarette packets always disclaim to be injurious to health in the front.
Does it work? No, because the smoker still opens the pack, picks a cigarette, lights it up and smokes. He or she kills a part of him every time he or she does so.

You would think, that this article is just like any other, it just wants people to stop smoking and live a better life, etc., however, this article just wants to put the truth in front of you, the terrible, ugly truth without any sugar coating, a straight forward reason to why this article believes that smoking is unhealthy.

For the people who argue that smoking makes them “feel good”, yes, you are right, but this “feel good” turns into “feel bad” gradually.

The “feel good” factor comes from Nicotine. Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical which is not only a substance found in tobacco products, but is also an anti herbivore chemical which used to be extensively used as an insecticide. It first stimulates, then depresses the mind. The stimulation makes a person “feel good” and is linked with a sensation of being relaxed, euphoria and raised alertness.

Nicotine is also addictive. The body needs to have it or else the person exhibits withdrawal systems. Thus, the number of cigarettes increase from one per day to ten and more. Then, after constant smoking, when they look into the mirror, they “feel bad”.

A cigarette contains a long list of harmful chemicals as well. Out of a total of 4000 chemicals, 43 are carcinogenic and 400 other toxins.


Harmful chemicals in a cigarette (source here)

When all these chemicals filter through your body, they leave behind damaged organs and organ systems:


How smoking affects the human body (source here)

To add on, it doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. If you are a mother, it affects your children. If you are a father, it affects your children. If you are a husband or wife, it affects your significant other. If you are a teacher, it affects your students and peers. If you are a student, it affects your friends. If you are a family member, it affects your family. If you are a stranger, it affects other strangers.

So, before picking up a cigarette, just think of the lasting effects, question  yourself:

Do I want to live or be gone with the wind?

By Keya (DP1)

The Key to a Great Hot Chocolate:

An essential winter drink for many people is hot chocolate. After coming in from the cold outside, it leaves you warm and happy. There is something that makes the drink so delicious and tasty that you would always like another mug full.

Here are some tips to make this drink even better:


Hot Chocolate!


  • Use real chocolate – this gives it much more flavour and makes it more silky.
  • Use milk – this makes it creamy and thick.
  • Use the stove instead of a microwave – this can take longer yet it’s the more traditional way and gives a more authentic taste.
  • Whipped cream – fluffy and sweet, a perfect topping for the drink.
  •  A little bit of vanilla essence – works well with the chocolate but not an essential.
  •  Marshmallows – they melt into the drink and taste great!

Everybody prefers their hot chocolate in a different way, but these ideas should make it even tastier. Enjoy your drink!

By Sophia (MYP3)


Marshmallows that melt in your drink!

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