Opinion: J’accuse, UN Hypocrisy

We live in a world where we strive to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. We live in a world based on justice, fairness and universal human rights where maintaining International Peace and Security are of primordial importance.

There are many dreadful examples that outline the biased and double standard mindset of the United Nations. This same institution is supposed to be enacting universal peace, security, justice and fairness for each and every one of us. These appalling decisions make Eleanor Roosvelt, René Cassain, Charles Malik, founders of this once noble and respectable organization, chilled to the bone.

The Middle Eastern conflicts seem to be the most apt at explaining the issue at hand in terms of bias within the United Nations.


Topic of controversy within the UN (Source here)

Out of all the UN resolutions decided upon in March’s 2015 session, it can be seen that:

  • Sudan’s genocide in Darfur, which has been occurring since 2003, was disregarded
  • Saudi led attacks on Yemen that left 1’000 defenseless people deceased and 300’000 displaced people were ignored,
  • The hundreds of thousands of Syrian victims savagely murdered by barrel bombing and chlorine gas from the Assad government were neglected
  • Israel’s effort to aid those wounded men, women, and terrified children was not recognized
  • The firing of more than 4’000 rockets during the 50 day war in 2014 from the Gaza Strip to millions of Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian civilians has been overlooked
  • The starvation of 18’000 Palestinian refugees in the outskirts of the Syrian Capital by the Syrian government since 1st of February was forgotten
  • The glorification of Palestinian terrorists as freedom fighters by Palestinian officials following terrorist attacks on the 21st of January in Tel-Aviv has failed to be denounced
  • The efforts from Israeli citizens, Palestinian citizens and various NGO’s to promote peace has been obliterated.

Yet out of all these criminal countries, out of all these never ceasing genocides, out of all these people culpable of never ending killing, raping and butchering of civilians, the United Nations chose to condemn one single state 11 times, one single minority 11 times, one single population 11 times: Israel.

Israel, the land where the three main worldwide religions were born and are protected. Israel, the land where being homosexual is not a crime unlike in all other Middle Eastern countries. Israel, the land where Arab citizens have identical rights as Jewish citizens. Israel, the land where non-Jewish citizens have an access to medical Health care and governmental/social incentives. Israel, the land where Arabs have their own political party, serve within the Supreme Court as Abdel Rahman Zuabi, Salim Jourbam and George Karra did and hold major diplomatic positions. Israel, the only Jewish State surrounded by 22 Arab Nations that strive to destroy it and all its population.


“The hypocrisy in numbers” (Source here)

Do you think Jews could practice their own religion without being savagely murdered and exterminated in any other country in the Middle East? What happened to protecting the minority against the tyranny of the Majority? What is left of the supposedly universal protection, international justice and fairness that the United Nations should strive to provide for weak and endangered countries?

As Hillel Neuer, the very respectable Executive Director of the United Nations Watch (NGO) said, “by Truman’s words, the UN has become a do nothing, good for nothing council.” Good for nothing but condemning the only state in the Middle East where cultural diversity is welcomed, where religions are blessed and helping the weak is embraced.

Israel is condemned for defending itself against thousands of rockets fired at its civilians. Israel is condemned for destroying illegal terror tunnels from terrorists in Gaza to the homes of innocent Israeli civilians. Take a second to think about it. What would you expect your government to do if Ireland was firing thousands of rockets at your brothers, your sisters, your children in London? What would you expect the Swiss army to do if Alsace was digging terror tunnels in order to kidnap your children, murder your brothers and blow up your houses?

This never-ending practice of bias against one single state undermines the United Nation’s credibility and integrity. The only thing that can be understood about this institution is that the United Nations has double standards and that its response to actual genocides, rapes and tremendously horrifying acts has been nothing but silence.

By Dorian (MYP5)


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