Badminton Success in TASIS

Waking up at 5am on a Saturday morning is definitely not easy. However, after looking forward to the Badminton Tournament for days, ISB’s High School Badminton team met bright and early at the Reinach campus for the three-hour journey to Lugano in southern Switzerland. Six girls and six boys selected by our coach, Mr Malik, faced a whole day of highly competitive badminton matches, fighting it out for that gold medal.


Arriving at the campus (Photo by Alex)

The day began on a fairly sleepy note, with only one break in the journey for a quick breakfast stop. On arrival we were all amazed, The American School of Switzerland (or TASIS for short) is one of the top 10 international schools in the world. Situated over looking the valley and lake, the classic Italian architecture painted in varying degrees of terracotta and mustard yellow was stunning. Concealed within one of these old building was a large gym of 4 courts where the boys and girls would play side-by-side matches.


TASIS Campus (Photo by Alex)

The games were played to eleven points and with each opponent it was the best of three games. The players were categorized by skill in each school in the aim that games would be equally challenging for all players. The tournament began in the pool stages. In the girls’ portion, there were two pools consisting of five girls and in the boy’s there were three pools consisting of five players.


(Photo by Alex)

All of the ISB players played outstandingly in these rounds, three players making it through to the final, three to the semi-finals and two to the quarterfinals. Alex and Marco went onto win gold in both the singles and doubles which was a fantastic result. The team spirit and encouragement from our coach greatly contributed towards the brilliant result and the whole team aims to maintain this positive attitude and success for the rest of the season.

By Alex (DP1)


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