A Helping Hand for Exams

As we enters May, ISB sees the frantic revising, the memorization and the stress that exams bring.  Exams are stressful due to them comprising of a year’s knowledge (sometimes times two years).  We know that no matter how hard you revise, the paper and the pencil is the only thing standing between us and a pass/fail. The excessive anxiety affects people in different ways: for some it motivates and helps set a target to meet, whereas for others it inhibits them from doing their best.


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Regardless, here is some helpful advice to help you beat the stress and sail through your exams “cool as a cucumber.”

  1. Make a Schedule- Organising yourself not only makes your revision more effective but helps balance your time between different subjects.
  2. Exercise- Physical exercise like running, swimming or even skipping for 15-20 minutes every day will make you feel stress free and mentally fit. It will also give you a break making you more productive when you go back to revise.
  3. Get plenty of sleep- It is way more difficult to memorize lots of information or understand complicated concepts on less than 6 hours sleep. As well as that, when you sleep your brain processes the information and helps you memorize it.
  4. Ask Questions- If you’re stuck ask a teacher or a parent: that’s what they are there for!
  5. Keep a positive attitude- Not only is it motivating but helps you focus on your goal.
  6. Grab a friend- Your friend is probably just as stressed as you are make study groups to help each other revise.

(Source here)

Don’t let exam stress ruin your May: follow these simple steps and your exams will breeze by.

By Elizabeth (DP1)


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