Herbstmesse in Basel


Fairground at Messeplatz (Source here)

One of Basel’s largest and oldest festivals is the annual Herbstmesse (Autumn Fair), which starts on the 29th of October.  The ringing of church bells marks the beginning of the Herbstmesse at 12 o’clock, and the festival ends on the 13th of November. This year will be Basel’s 546th Herbstmesse!


Münsterplatz (Source here)

This fair attracts over 1 million people, citizens and tourists, to enjoy fantastic rides, entertainment and delicious food. It is located around many places in Basel, each with a different theme:

  • Barfüsserplatz
  • Münsterplatz
  • Petersplatz
  • Kaserne
  • Claraplatz
  • Messeplatz
  • Messehalle 3

One of the biggest and most popular ride is the Ferris wheel in Münsterplatz; it can be seen from most places in Basel.  The best time to go is during the daytime or just before dusk so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of Basel.  Whilst the Münster has wonderful rides for all ages, it also has a selection of tasty food stalls. You can buy different treats too: sugar coated fruit, ginger-bread, toffee apples and candy-floss!

Even if the weather is miserable, don’t worry, because you can continue to enjoy the rides from inside at the Messehalle.  The food stalls are amazing and the rides are for all ages too.


Barfüsserplatz (Source here)

So, head down to Basel this Autumn to enjoy the fairground rides and regional confections – it’s an experience you won’t forget!


By Junainah (MYP3)


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