Sensational Student Societies


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Student societies at ISB have come a long way since the initiative began a few years ago, with 12 diverse and exciting options on offer to attend on various days.  Meeting at lunch, these societies can increase people’s interest, experience, and of course, those valuable CAS activities. Last SWL class, the DP students visited up to three different societies for “Taster sessions.”  Society leaders are hopeful that this opportunity has encouraged people to join.


The Business & Economics Society, which aims to learn about economic structures as well as gain experiencing in starting businesses, welcomed their audience with an array of confectionary delights as well as a game of Monopoly.  With food and a chance to earn money, this is likely to be a popular group!


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Various societies cater to those who are creatively inclined. With several speed-related challenges and team-work paintings, budding artists could put their hand to sketching and water colours in the Art & Design Society. Those interested in film critiquing munched on popcorn and discussed short films in the Cinema Society, while ambitious plans to create their own film (with express permission to film at school, at night!) were explored by the Film Society.



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“” seemed to be the entertainment winner, with many societies breaking the ice with entertaining, subject-related online quizzes. From scientific advancements in the Medical Society, to logo-matching in the Technology Society, fierce competition was sparked between teams.


Serious discussion took place in the Law and Debate Societies (unsurprisingly, a prominent topic was the upcoming US presidential elections).  There are also societies who will really make a difference this year.  Baking Society aims to utilise their kitchen skills to raise money for charities; and the Humanitarian Society will address issues concerning the poverty crisis (their Kahoot quiz pointed out that more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet – clearly something that needs to be amended).


As a paper-aeroplane competition unfolded (literally) in the “Mc2” Mathematics & Engineering Society, the Yoga & Meditation society welcomed a large crowd – with their last session exceeding the 25-person limit, even, as they pointed out, without bribery of food. Clearly, IB-stress invites students to take a few “Zen” minutes and relax.



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Students and teachers who attended the sessions were impressed with the Society Leaders’ initiative, and seemed keen to join various groups that catered to individual interests. It is hoped that these assorted societies will bring students together, and, based on the lively conversation and laughter that could be heard from the second floor last F-day, they certainly had a great start!


By Ella (DP2)


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