Technology Update: New Features on IOS10


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Apple recently unleashed their new big update, which has definitely changed the way we use our phones. But with all of these new features, it’s hard to understand how to use them all. If you are interested in knowing these features and how to use them,  keep reading:

  1. Send a Visual Message
  • Apple spent a lot of time updating the messaging apps in IOS 10. Emojis are three times bigger, and web links show up as media. But wait… there’s more. Your messages can now come with a visual punch, or a festive background. First start by typing in the message that you want to send, then hold down your send button. You will then get to choose from bubble effects like Invisible Ink or full-screen effects like fireworks.
  1. Find your Friends in Photos
  • The photo app now has facial recognition, which easily allows us to locate different people in your camera roll. Every person who is in your camera roll, have their own folder with every picture which they can be seen in.
  1. Hide Apples Apps
  • One feature that everyone seems to like, is that now you can delete the original apps that Apple puts onto your phone. If you never use the Stock App, or you have no interest in Stocks, you can now delete the app, which will remove it from your phone, and give you back the space that it has taken up.

(Source here)

  1. Know Your Favorite Lyrics
  • Apple Music, has made it possible to get the lyrics to the song which you are listening to. When listening to a specific song, pull up to reveal the lyrics tap above the Up Next section. Here you can expand or hide the full lyrics. Unfortunately, Apple has not gotten the rights to display song lyrics from all the music publishers, so we still don’t know what Rihanna is singing about in her song, “” I guess we may never know…
  1. Set Your Bedtime
  • If you have trouble getting up in the morning, Bedtime is a new tab in the Clock app that will help you to get a better night’s sleep. You can choose at what time you want to wake up and pick how many hours of sleep you need to get a bedtime reminder. The feature then keeps track of your sleep activity so that you can be more consistent of your sleeping patterns.



Remundo, Oscar. “10 Features to Try First in the Public Beta of IOS 10.”, 7 July 2016, Accessed 1 Oct.


By Sophia O (MYP3)


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