Progress Update: South Pacific Musical

Not one but TWO of our writers have captured the Musical spirit at ISB:


Jaques, Xavier, Martin, Alex, Dylan and Augustus practicing a pyramid (unfortunately, against their will…)

The buzz has begun – the senior school’s yearly musical is on its way! This year, the DP1 drama students, alongside the dedicated cast of over 50 actors, dancers, and singers, are working on a lively production of the American musical South Pacific. Premiering in 1949, this musical bundle of energy was written by Josh Logan and Oscar Hammerstein II with music composed by Richard Rodgers. The play tells the tale of an island in the South Pacific during World War II where American Seabees and nurses flirt, officers struggle to prevent their men from making grass skirts instead of working, and a particular young nurse – played by Cristina Maino and Elise Van Dyke – has fallen in love with a middle-aged French plantation owner on the island – played by Alex Beauclair and Anton Praetorius – despite her attempts to “wash that man right out of her hair”. The Seabees often bicker with a local woman they call “Bloody Mary” – Sameera Hemdev and Sophia Portilla – who tries to sell the men grass skirts and shrunken heads that come from the mysterious and tempting island of Bali Ha’i. She eventually lures the new lieutenant Cable – Jarno Cammaerts and Martin Fazio – to come to Bali Ha’i, and to his fate of a beautiful woman. The two love stories along with the humor brought by Seabee Luther Billis – Xavier Berrou and Kris Peterson – and officers Harbison and Brackett – Thomas Mason and Nickie Nelson respectively – this is guaranteed to be a good show!

The students are working for hours on end every Tuesday and Thursday, not including the many lunch times they put in! There are lines to memorize, characters to become, songs to sing, and many dances to learn. Some of the Anything Goes veterans are even breaking out their old tap shoes for another round! The set design team and the tech crew are planning in hush as they prepare for the show – work will intensify as the nights grow closer!

On behalf of the South Pacific cast, we warmly welcome you to our performances at 7 PM in the Reinach aula on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of December, 2016! The humorous characters, talented singers, and spritely dancing will light up your evening!

By Angel (DP1)

Every year ISB does two plays, one in the first half of the year and another in the second half. This year the first play is called South Pacific. It`s about an American nurse that is stationed on a South Pacific Island during World War II. She then falls in love with a French plantation owner. When she finds out that with his last wife he got two mixed-raced children, she decides to leave him. Meanwhile, there is another romance going on between a U.S. lieutenant and a Tonkinese woman. The lieutenant faces the same fears as the American nurse. The main them prejudice, is explored throughout the play.

The ISB cast of South Pacific are working really hard to put on a great performance. They have rehearsals every week Tuesdays and Thursdays. The final performance will be in December. Tickets for the play are available at the reception, of the Reinach campus. Everyone who is free at the time of the final performance should go, because it will definitely be fun and entertaining to watch. The play is one worth watching and the cast and crew would be delighted to see a large turnout for something they put their heart and soul in.

By Nadine (MYP4)


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