A Weekend in Paris?

Paris. Fashion capital of the world with shops such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel amongst many. As well as that the sheer historical value of the city is well known with sites such as the Arc de Triomphe, Le tour D’Eiffel and Le bastille cementing the city importance in world history. Paris now a mere 3 hours away by train and not only provides a welcome relaxing weekend away from Basel but has lots to do for all the family making it fun all around.

Some sights for the family…

Musee D’Orsay


·      A visit to the Musee D’Orsay is highly recommended not only are their tours multilingual but the art is simply beautiful and is cheaper and less of a wait then the prized Louvre.

·      It is both open and child friendly with art advertising to every age helping engage children an adult with the art. The museum holds mainly French art dating from 1848 to 1914.

·      It houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-Impressionist masterpieces in the world, by painters including Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, and Van Gogh and it is one of the largest art museums in Europe.


Arc de Triomphe


·      A visit to the Arc de Triomphe and Champ D’Elysées France’s power house of fashion is always in order.

·      With Shops galore for all you shoppers out there as well as that the walk passes some lovely restaurants perfect for a family lunch.

·      At the bottom of the Champs D’Elysées we have the place de la Concorde a significant world heritage site as boasted by UNESCO.

Disneyland Paris


·      Last stop is Disneyland Paris which covers 4,800 acres and encompasses two theme parks, several resort hotels, a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, and a golf course, in addition to several additional recreational and entertainment venues.

·      The park receives around twelve million visitors a year which makes it the most visited place in Europe.

By Elizabeth (DP2)


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