Creative: Feline Premonition

By Jonathan (MYP5)


(Image by Nuria Gonzalez)

Due to recent bomb threats in the vicinity of Hiroshima, the city’s children were strongly advised against going out alone after school finished at 5 o’clock.  This was a stark contrast to the hours of leisure they had previously enjoyed. Not that it had any effect on Ishiguro Kousaka, a short, scrawny, 13-year-old boy, who, despite the constant security warnings, maintained his daily ritual of feeding stray cats in the impoverished Yazawa district.

Perhaps due to unrest, the cats, once docile and friendly creatures, were now shivering, mistrustful wrecks, even around Ishiguro. This fear seemed a foreign concept to the boy, who wished to follow in his heroic father’s footsteps.  His mother had told Ishiguro that his father chose to stay on the front lines, even after many other soldiers in his regiment returned home.

As the cats licked the shredded fish from his hand, rain began to fall.  To Ishiguro it had felt like the planet was softly weeping, as if it knew of the city’s impending apocalypse.

Ishiguro laughed at the comical sight of the wet cats, who looked more like a giant mass of hair, than living creatures.  Suddenly, the blaring alarms sounded, and the boy panicked.  He ran off in a frenzied manner, wishing he was with his family. As he ran off, the cats watched, curious perhaps, as the soft rain fell onto their heads, and down their sorrowful faces.



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