MYP3 Plays: Tributes to Sophocles

On Tuesday the 22nd November MYP3 Blue, Orange and Red will perform Greek tragedies from 7-9pm in the Aula at the Reinach Campus. The performances will each be 15-20 minutes long. The Greek trilogy was originally written by Sophocles, but has been adapted by the ISB drama teachers, Julia McKelvey and Luke Champion.


MYP3 Blue will perform a play called Electra. Electra is the main female character that has been waiting for her younger brother, Orestes’ return, from distant lands to Mycenae to fulfil his destiny and avenge the murder of his father. The most powerful scene in this play is when the audience will see Orestes take revenge!


The other two plays are, Oedipus Rex and Antigone. Oedipus Rex is also a tragedy, which was first performed in 429BC. The play is set in Thebes and includes characters such as, Oedipus, Creonte and Tiresias. Antigone is the third tragedy; it was originally written first around 441BC. It includes characters such as, Creonte, Antigone and Ismene.


I strongly recommend that you see these performances. Entrance is free!

Read the play’s here:




By Junainah Hansraj (MYP3)


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