Reinach Choir in Tag der Wirtschaft

Last Thursday evening (24th November 2016) the annual Tag der Wirtschaft was hosted in the St. Jakob Halle. The hall which hosts the Swiss indoors was converted into the perfect venue, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the event organisers.


St. Jakob Halle (Source here)

Since the first event created in 2000 the Tag der Wirtschaft has developed. It is the most important economic meeting and the highlight of the political, economic and administrative year in the northwest region of Switzerland. The Tag der Wirtschaft or ‘day of the economy’ offers an environment that workers can express and exchange ideas.

This year the International School performed at the event. The Reinach choir has been rehearsing diligently and each student put in a vast amount of effort, and this showed in the performance. The choir sung two songs in total. The first was Danny Boy, a beloved Irish Ballad written by Frederic Weatherly. Over time, its meaning has been interpreted in many ways and the lyrics affect everyone differently. Some interpretations include that it is a parent wishing their son to return to them before they die. Another, that it is a parent sending a message to a son fighting at war. Many Irish identify it as describing the countries struggle for independence.  The choir was accompanied by talented flutist, Anna Squierm who set the tone for the rest of the performance.

The second piece performed was the Baselbieterlied. The Baselbieterlied is, although not official, sung on many occasions as the anthem of Basel. Its lyrics describe the beauty of Basel’s landscape, such as the mountains and valleys. The attendants of the event joined the choir in song as a finale to the wonderful day’s event. The choir’s performance was brilliant and each student was rightly proud of the night’s performance. The head of choir, Mr. Norris should be thanked for all the hard work and extra hours he spent organising the event. Congratulations to the Reinach Choir!

Sources include:

If you would like to watch the choir’s performance or the event you can use the link below. Please note however that the sound and image quality is not especially good. The choir starts their performance at approximately 2:20:35:

By Beth (MYP3)


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