Success in the South Pacific Musical

Once again, in December the ISB theatre department produced an incredible musical! The South Pacific cast and crew, along with the talented orchestra composed (pun intended) of teachers and students alike, put in endless hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears into their four shows. Quick costume changes, many props, and very difficult set changes were finally mastered in the stressful weeks approaching the show and the energy was noticeable on every actor and actress’s face. The cast shocked themselves with improvisation skills they didn’t know they had. Several slip-ups may have occurred, but according to many audience members, they went entirely unnoticed thanks to the quick thinking of the actors on the stage – even when one character missed their cue and didn’t come on stage! The audience never would have known with the actors’ entertaining and smooth cover up.


The cast of South Pacific appreciating the applause from the wonderful audience!

Their passion for the show was so clear on their closing night, where DP2’s Martin Fazio gave a powerful speech on the influence these musicals have had on his life – he is off to hopefully study theatre, a path he had never expected to find himself on! The entire cast agrees wholeheartedly with Martin; Ms. McKelvey and Mr. Norris teach us lessons that apply both on and off the stage, and keep us motivated throughout every step of the process. Dr. Kuskovski rightly called Ms. McKelvey the “mother hen!” Afterwards, everyone involved shed lakes of tears – relief that their hard work paid off, and sadness because we will miss the time we spent together.

By Angel (DP1)


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