The MYP3 Ski Camp Review

Immediately after Christmas break, the MYP3 students went to Lovell Camps, Gstaad for a week’s skiing.

Monday, the first day, was a great one. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the sun. Then, we headed straight out on to the snowy slopes, were divided into groups for a ski evaluation and, finally, skied for a couple of hours. It was a marvelous day!

The next few days were an utmost joy too! For example:

  • One evening, we had the option of swimming or shopping in town. The ones who opted shopping, found Gstaad to be a stunning town with many expensive shops; most students window-shopped until they reached Coop!
  • Some evenings were spent watching films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Eddie the Eagle.
  • We also visited Iglu-Dorf (an ice hotel and restaurant at the top of the slopes) one day, for hot chocolate and a quick snack. Everything was made out of ice, the walls, the floor and the bar.

Iglu-Dorf, Gstaad (source here)

Thursday and Friday were the most eventful! They were fortunate, as we had lovely, thick, and fresh snow for skiing, however, they were unfortunate as they were our last days at ski camp.

Even though leaving Gstaad wasn’t easy, the bus ride to Basel morphed our emotions into eagerness and warmth; eagerness to see our families, and warmth to go back home and have a nice warm shower.

By Junainah (MYP3)


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