The Key to a Great Hot Chocolate:

An essential winter drink for many people is hot chocolate. After coming in from the cold outside, it leaves you warm and happy. There is something that makes the drink so delicious and tasty that you would always like another mug full.

Here are some tips to make this drink even better:


Hot Chocolate!


  • Use real chocolate – this gives it much more flavour and makes it more silky.
  • Use milk – this makes it creamy and thick.
  • Use the stove instead of a microwave – this can take longer yet it’s the more traditional way and gives a more authentic taste.
  • Whipped cream – fluffy and sweet, a perfect topping for the drink.
  •  A little bit of vanilla essence – works well with the chocolate but not an essential.
  •  Marshmallows – they melt into the drink and taste great!

Everybody prefers their hot chocolate in a different way, but these ideas should make it even tastier. Enjoy your drink!

By Sophia (MYP3)


Marshmallows that melt in your drink!

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