The Women’s Marches

500,000 people, men, women, and children are marching. Marching for what they believe, needs to be heard!


Women’s Marches

A single-day demonstration took place in Washington D.C., on the 21st of January 2017 just like the so-called “Women’s Marches” which were a series of worldwide protests that took place in support of women’s rights and other related causes.

This year, however, these rallies were particularly aimed at newly elected Donald Trump, following his inauguration as president. This protest was largely due to several comments passed by Trump which were deemed as “anti-woman”.

These marches were raising awareness of large social problems which face the world today: immigration reform, LGBTQ rights, freedom of religion and many more.

With some estimates showing almost 4.8 million marching participators worldwide, it  blew up all over social media. Trump appeared to have ignored these marches, as he travelled down that day to CIA headquarters, to complain about journalists accurately reporting the underwhelming size of his Inauguration Day crowds. On Sunday, however, he finally issued a response on Twitter.


Trump’s Tweet

Typically stated by many offended Americans, Caroline Bankoff, an article writer for, bluntly stated:

“This is typically what you’d expect to read from our newly elected president, Donald Trump”.

Of course, many of these people did vote, which is why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million!

These marches also took place in parts of  UK: Belfast, London, Edinburgh, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol.

It was said, up to 100,000 people took part in London. Protesters left the US embassy, in London’s Grosvenor Square, shortly after midday and chanted “build bridges not walls” as they made their way along Piccadilly.


UK’s Women Marches

Organizers of these marches were a group of women who met on social media to discuss Trump’s new election, and what effect his new “regime” could have on the future of not only America, but the world. These women took it into their hands to share their frustration, and used their voices to liberate their opinions for the world to hear.

It was on the day of the US president’s first full day in office, when they were finally heard.

These global marches raise the question of Trump’s adequacy as president, as only one day in the oval office, and worldwide marches have already begun. America, and the world eagerly wait in suspense of what could happen next.

By Roisin (MYP5)


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