Gone with the Wind!

The phrase ‘gone with the wind’ meaning gone forever or literally taken away by the wind, is used to intensify gone. Gone will be your heart, your lungs and most importantly, you, if you smoke.


Disclaimer on cigarette pack (source here)

If you notice, cigarette packets always disclaim to be injurious to health in the front.
Does it work? No, because the smoker still opens the pack, picks a cigarette, lights it up and smokes. He or she kills a part of him every time he or she does so.

You would think, that this article is just like any other, it just wants people to stop smoking and live a better life, etc., however, this article just wants to put the truth in front of you, the terrible, ugly truth without any sugar coating, a straight forward reason to why this article believes that smoking is unhealthy.

For the people who argue that smoking makes them “feel good”, yes, you are right, but this “feel good” turns into “feel bad” gradually.

The “feel good” factor comes from Nicotine. Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical which is not only a substance found in tobacco products, but is also an anti herbivore chemical which used to be extensively used as an insecticide. It first stimulates, then depresses the mind. The stimulation makes a person “feel good” and is linked with a sensation of being relaxed, euphoria and raised alertness.

Nicotine is also addictive. The body needs to have it or else the person exhibits withdrawal systems. Thus, the number of cigarettes increase from one per day to ten and more. Then, after constant smoking, when they look into the mirror, they “feel bad”.

A cigarette contains a long list of harmful chemicals as well. Out of a total of 4000 chemicals, 43 are carcinogenic and 400 other toxins.


Harmful chemicals in a cigarette (source here)

When all these chemicals filter through your body, they leave behind damaged organs and organ systems:


How smoking affects the human body (source here)

To add on, it doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. If you are a mother, it affects your children. If you are a father, it affects your children. If you are a husband or wife, it affects your significant other. If you are a teacher, it affects your students and peers. If you are a student, it affects your friends. If you are a family member, it affects your family. If you are a stranger, it affects other strangers.

So, before picking up a cigarette, just think of the lasting effects, question  yourself:

Do I want to live or be gone with the wind?

By Keya (DP1)


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