This spring brings up an exciting and fairly new event to the ISB!

Based on the idea of last year’s Generation Happy event run by Elèonore Stolz and Ann-Mia Ambjerg, an enthusiastic crew of eight students hope to bring to you another charity dance event!

This year, the money raised will be going towards Anno’s Africa, a foundation that supports education for the arts in Kenya, specifically dance studios in the slums of Nairobi. They are currently working towards better mirrors, better studio floors, and ballet barres to promote the arts in children with less opportunities than we have.

This organization was founded in memory of a boy named Anno who died in a car crash in the UK. He was a talented artist and musician, and his parents hoped to give less privileged children the artistic opportunities they had been able to give their own son.

A group of students in the ISB were touched by this story and hope to provide a showcase of Basel’s dancers for two purposes – to increase an appreciation of dance and the arts in the ISB and Basel as a whole, and to help support Anno’s Africa.

The organization team has put together and taped up many colorful posters for the event they have titled “Dance Mode On”. With its paint splatters and silhouette of a dancer, the poster provides all information needed for attending the event itself or how to register as a performer for the evening!


Dance Mode On!

Dancers must email by the 10th of February to give the team an idea of how many acts they should plan for.

Tickets will be sold the entire week and a half before the show. They greatly welcome your involvement or attendance!

The event will take place on the 30th of March in the Reinach Aula.

Be prepared for a wide array of talented dancers with an impressive variety of backgrounds, training, and styles. From professionals to dancers trained solely by their own intuition, jazz to contemporary to hip hop, and dancers from as young as nine years old to adults performing, this show has it all!

Hope to see you there!

By Angel (DPI)


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