Asia-Pacific’s Most Popular Destinations


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Credit card company MasterCard announced the most popular destinations for the Asia-Pacific region in 2017, Bangkok topped the list, followed by Singapore and Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

The ranking, published on the 26th of April, surveyed 171 destinations in 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with the number of international tourists entering and staying at least one night last year.

The survey showed that Bangkok was the Asia-Pacific region’s most popular tourist destination. There were 19.3 million international tourists who entered and stayed at least one night in the country last year. The second popular tourist destination was Singapore; it had about 13.1 million international tourists. Tokyo ranked third, and 12.6 million tourists had entered and stayed at least one night in Japan last year.

Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand also got into the top 10, respectively, with 9.1 million and 8.1 million tourists.

In the top 20 popular tourist destinations, China and Japan had 4 destinations on the list, and Thailand had 3 destinations, and India had two destinations.

In addition, China remained the largest source of tourists in 2016, with other tourists from South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

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By En (MYP3)

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