Get Outdoors This Spring!

Spring is a great season. It brings with it, a pleasant climate and the opportunity to get outdoors!

Already, the chilly winter winds are fading and the snow has almost all melted. Spring is right on the doorstep with flowers, baby animals and most of all sunshine. Switzerland has beautiful landscapes and spring is one of the best times to view them. So, whether it be cycling, swimming, horse riding or any other sport, head outdoors and make the most of the good weather.

Cycling in Basel is very easy due to the many bike routes and lanes. Taking a bike is a really active way to get around town and is also much greener for the environment. If you prefer a country landscape to a city one, there are many lovely bike routes around the countryside.

In addition, there is mountain biking which adds an extra level of excitement.

Here are some good websites for tours and rental places if you don’t own a bike:


Cycling in Switzerland (source here)

Swimming is a very popular sport in Basel as there are many public swimming pools and off course the Rhine. Most of the public swimming pools open in early May and close in September.

Here are a couple of good ones to visit:

  • Naturbad Riehen – This pool is cleaned by plants rather than chemicals and  is created to replicate a lake. It has a pool and a slide as well as a kiosk for food.
  • St. Jakob – With many different swimming pools, some include a diving pool with a 10m diving board. It does have the tendency to get busy especially in Summer.
  • Aesch pool – This pool has many grassy areas and a couple of pools and a spring board. It is located near the Aesch campus or Arlesheim stop on the 11 tram.

There are many other outdoor and indoor pools to visit and often the smaller ones are less busy, so make sure to head down to them for a refreshing swim.

Although often too cold during Spring, Rhein swimming will also be another possibility to cool down in the heat of the day. Just remember to take your dry bag and stay safe in the water!


Naturbad Riehen (source here)

Horse riding is a really good way to see the countryside and try something a bit different. Whether you’re a frequent rider or you’ve never ridden before, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting on the back of a horse and enjoying the fantastic scenery.

Being around animals have other benefits as well such as increasing self confidence and reducing stress. So, I would encourage you to try something new like a short ride in the woods or lessons in an arena this spring.

Here are some useful websites for riding in Switzerland, enjoy!


Horses (source here)


Riding in the Black Forest (source here)

This article has only scraped the surface in terms of outdoor activities to do here in Switzerland or even just Basel. There are many other fun water related activities to try such as rowing, sailing or water skiing on some of the mountain lakes. There are also many parks around the town where you can play ping -pong, play football or throw a frisbee. I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration to get outdoors and make the most of the spring.

Have a wonderfully active spring!

By Sophia (MYP3)



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