There’s No Such Thing As “The Perfect Person”

In our world today, there are over 7 billion people, people of different races with different backgrounds and different experiences. Living in such a diverse world, one would hope that a common ground could exist where the citizens of the world unite together and treat each other as equals. Unfortunately, historically and presently, this is far from the truth. In contrast to our individual characteristics, we tend to create a persona of the “perfect person” that everyone should aim to achieve within society. However, all this does is set us up for failure as nothing in life can be or is perfect. What people don’t seem to recognize is that the imperfections we are born with are what make us individually unique. Although the fact that all individuals are different and unique in their own way is known to all of mankind, many choose not to accept this and seek out ways to change the ways of different cultures and the people in them instead of accepting individuals and cultural norms as they are.

Ilina (MYP4)

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